Tenuta Mazzolino ’09 Oltrepò Pavese Chardonnay ‘Blanc’

I poured the previous vintage of this wine for an importer of fine Burgundy and to say the least…he was impressed, not just by the quality but by the price. Tenuta Mazzolino is a small family Estate (prod 100k btls) in the Oltrepò Pavese region of Lombardia, a region that  was prior to unification of Italy a part of the Savoia, or Savoy. Franco-Italian roots are evident here. Incidentally, Jean-François Coquard, the winemaker, hails from Burgundy.

The ’09 Chardonnay Blanc while displays complexity and class, deftly balancing the ripeness of the vintage with refreshing acidity, minerality and restraint. Subtle oak complements the wine rather than upstaging it. Lemon, white flowers, hazelnut and even a bit of pineapple persist through the finish. The wine receives classic treatment: barrel fermentation and ageing (25% new) as well as less stirring, bottled a year after the vintage.


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